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Working around difficult schedules is possible with communication. It is the key to success.

This was a great project. While working with this local family in Castle Rock, Colorado we were able to remodel two bathrooms, kitchen, and their deck.

Mom has a career as a Principal with a commute of over an hour and a half every day! Wow! We are talking an amazing woman who really does deserve some applause.

What we confirmed from this project is that it is possible to maneuver around busy schedules. Often times when considering a remodel project, homeowners will worry about how it will work out with their schedules. Well it can work, it just takes communication with their Contractor. With technology it has become an easier process. During this project we were able to utilize email and texting as our main form of communication for project updates and all around for project material decisions, etc. Here is the key component for success though- use the tools you have! Text and email really have helped the modern Contractor to meet deadlines and be better communicators. :-)

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